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There are 3 Pilates Instructors based at Clarence House, Zelah Morrall, Hannah Nunes (nee Turk Richards) and Kelly Wakeham, offering a range of beginner, intermediate and advanced Pilates Matwork classes. Sessions are usually booked as a block of 6 sessions, to allow for a progression  and continuation of exercises  from the previous session. 

Sessions can be booked as a class of up to 4-10 people, small group sessions for up to 4 people and individual 1:1 sessions.

Also, Zelah Morrall has a small studio Pilates room for  equipment sessions, this includes a Reformer, Arc and  Pilates studio equipment. 

Please  contact the Instructor for more information about classes and click here for the latest class timetable .

Zelah Morrall

Zelah Morrall
Physiotherapist and  APPI  Matwork Instructor
Polestar PilatesMat & Rehabilitation Equipment
T: 07969 827849 Email Zelah



Kelly  Wakeham

Body Control Pilates Instructor

Having had an active lifestyle from a young age and as an adult enjoying gardening, cycling, swimming, walking and horse riding, I am hoping to carry this on throughout my life. However, having witnessed other members of my family who had been active, suffering from arthritis, prolapsed discs and fibromyalgia I am aware that looking after and moving my body correctly is fundamental to maintaining any kind of active lifestyle. As a result I decided to take up yoga and then from this moved onto Pilates.  After taking a number of Pilates sessions I realised that I left each one feeling as if my body had been corrected from the inside out and I felt strong and balanced again. I was so inspired that I decided to train as a Pilates teacher myself with Body Control Pilates (BCP) in London. The training took me a year in between work and life commitments and lots of trips to London. It involved lots of workshops, classes and private lessons and taking practical and written exams. As well as this I had to complete 50 hours of teaching practice under the guidance of other BCP teachers. I feel this has given me a thorough understanding of Pilates practice and teaching. The resulting qualification is a ‘Level 3 Matwork Pilates’ certificate from Body Control Pilates, who have been training professional Pilates teachers since 1996. Within this I also met the standards to be on the Register of Exercise Professional’s (REP’S).      I feel that everyone should be able to take part in movement exercise and Pilates is great in this way, as many of the exercises can be adapted to the individual. It is an excellent method of moving no matter who you are or what you do.

t: 07935 999212   email Kelly  


Hannah Nunes (nee Turk Richards) 

Discovering Pilates has transformed my life. Following the birth of my daughter 6 years ago i began Pilates classes predominantly to strengthen and stabilize my lower back that gave me daily pain. During my childhood I suffered periodic lower back pain partly due to my posture and a rigorous gymnastics training in my formative years. On attending my first class i knew that Pilates was for me. It left me inspired to become immersed in this movement practice and study to be a teacher.
With a background in Massage, Craniosacral Therapy and dance, Pilates brought me back to my roots by way of a movement practice that makes my body feel centred, strong and supple. It empowers the individual through exercises to improve posture, and create better health for themselves.
I completed my training course in Pilates MatWork in the summer of 2014 at the Scott Studio with the renowned Suzanne Scott. I am a qualified First Aider and regularly attend professional courses and workshops to keep my practice inspired and my classes fresh. I teach Joseph Pilates Original Repertoire as well as the Evolved Repertoire, incorporating a rehabilitative approach for those that need it. As well as the group classes i also teach individuals and pairs.

I am a member of IPTA (Independent Pilates Teachers Association)

t : 07412 383569 email Hannah







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