Massage and Sports Massage

Swedish Massage is a relaxing massage that is light in pressure and rhythmic.

Sports Massage is uses some of the basic techniques of Swedish Massage but also uses many other techniques to stretch, relax and tone muscle. Sports Massage can increase range of movement in joints and relieve pain from tight muscles or areas that feel like knots. Sports Massage is not just for people who play sports, it is especially good for people in physically demanding jobs or hobbies such as gardening and decorating. Also great for people who do repetitive activies, such as driving or working at a desk. It alliviates the stress and tension which builds up in the body during physical activity. The long term benifits of regular massage are: preventing soft tissue injury, maintaining good posture and maintaining good range of movement and mobility.



clarence house penzance ruth baigent

Ruth Baigent, BA (hons)  ABMT

Biodynamic massage therapy is a kind approach to healing and development. At times invigorating, stimulating, relaxing and nourishing. In the safe setting of the therapy room, we aim to build a relationship of trust between the client and the therapist where acceptance and exploration encourage the body’s natural healing process. This is a transformational massage.

The massage can be carried out through clothes or directly onto the body. Each session is tailored to the individual needs of the client.  See further information about biodynamic massage techniques on my website. I trained at the Cambridge Body Psychotherapy Centre for a Foundation in Biodynamic Massage in 2011. Sessions last for one hour, and cost £40.

Stacey Ebel Clarence House Penzance

Stacey Ebel
Sports Massage Therapist

I offer Sports Massage using Thai, Shiatsu and Deep Tissue muscle release techniques. Sports Massage is for everyone not just athletes. Benefits include increased range of mobility, reduced muscle pain and tension. Opting for regular maintenance massages prevents muscle injury and tightness and keeps both physical and mental stress low. I will work with you, for a massage that is just right for you.

Telephone: 07811 368298  E: Stacey

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