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Massage and Sports Massage

Swedish Massage is a relaxing massage that is light in pressure and rhythmic.

Sports Massage is uses some of the basic techniques of Swedish Massage but also uses many other techniques to stretch, relax and tone muscle. Sports Massage can increase range of movement in joints and relieve pain from tight muscles or areas that feel like knots. Sports Massage is not just for people who play sports, it is especially good for people in physically demanding jobs or hobbies such as gardening and decorating. Also great for people who do repetitive activies, such as driving or working at a desk. It alliviates the stress and tension which builds up in the body during physical activity. The long term benifits of regular massage are: preventing soft tissue injury, maintaining good posture and maintaining good range of movement and mobility.



clarence house penzance ruth baigent

Libby Lane Massage Therapy

Practical massage therapy, working with you and your body to enhance overall wellbeing and promote healthy muscles.

As well as providing a good bespoke massage, I aim to show people how to make the most of their bodies and enable self-efficacy. I have found that through regular treatment my clients become closer to their bodies, feeling their way through weakness as well as tension, learning postural awareness and discovering activities that will work for them to improve their overall health.

Massage can benefit individuals experiencing chronic pain, musculoskeletal issues, injuries or stress and anxiety, to those working through trauma and emotional issues. However, you don’t need to feel unwell to get better. Regular massage can keep your body supple and relaxed and you feeling grounded and balanced.

I completed a Level 4 Diploma in Massage, Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology from the Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork in 2008, before going on to complete a Diploma in Thai Massage at the same college in 2015.

I practice Deep Tissue, Remedial, Holistic, Thai Yoga Massage, Indian Head Massage and Pregnancy Massage.

A thorough consultation will assess your needs and most probably your treatment will involve a fusion of much of the above. I have completed advanced training in myofascial release work, deep tissue work, 3D side-lying, alignment techniques and focused training on working into the hips and lower back and freeing the shoulders and neck.

Please contact me on 07956 208613 or email info@libbylane.co.uk

You can read more about me and the work I do on my website www.libbylane.co.uk  and Facebook page www.facebook.com/libbylanetherapies



clarence house penzance ruth baigent

Ruth Baigent, BA (hons)  ABMT

Biodynamic massage therapy is a kind approach to healing and development. At times invigorating, stimulating, relaxing and nourishing. In the safe setting of the therapy room, we aim to build a relationship of trust between the client and the therapist where acceptance and exploration encourage the body’s natural healing process. This is a transformational massage.

The massage can be carried out through clothes or directly onto the body. Each session is tailored to the individual needs of the client.  See further information about biodynamic massage techniques on my website. I trained at the Cambridge Body Psychotherapy Centre for a Foundation in Biodynamic Massage in 2011. Sessions last for one hour, and cost £40.

Telephone: 07989 784266
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Eve Wakeling
Massage Therapist

 After a chance meeting with a Hawaiian massage practitioner on the beach in Maui some years ago my journey into massage began.

This led to a deep commitment in the belief that the body has the ability to heal itself. After some years training as a massage therapist I am now a facilitator in this process.  I use a range of techniques to bring about a state of calm and tranquillity (homeostasis) to help stimulate and activate the body’s restorative process.

I have trained in Harley Street London and the natural therapy studios Penzance. My training includes techniques drawn from: Long stroke Swedish massage; sports massage; deep tissue massage; lomi lomi massage; and Lymphatic Drainage.

My background in Yoga ensures that I am committed to a spiritual approach to massage which includes knowledge of Chakras, meridians and healing energy.  I try to integrate this yogic knowledge in the way I approach massage in the client (stimulating energy centres etc, and also in my personal practice (body mechanics, breathing, distribution of pressure).

My background in the fashion industry means I have worked with many musicians and magazine editors as they feel massage can help to slow down the aging process through relaxation, and rejuvenation, stimulating the bodies innate inner healing and restorative capabilities. , it can help to create a youthful and invigorating appearance through relaxing and opening the facial muscles maintaining youth and vitality.  Massage should be available to anyone who wants it and I am happy to be part of the physical therapy team here at Clarence house.

Mobile: 07490 083432

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