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Marie Dixon

Penwith Psychotherapy

The Greek origins of the word Psychotherapy:

Psyche = the human, soul mind or spirit. Therapeia = healing.

What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy literally translates as ‘Healing of the Soul’. Whereas counselling can be invaluable in helping people to cope with the effects of life events, psychotherapy seeks to address a deeper understanding of the hows and whys: How we can sometimes make the same mistakes; why things seem to happen to us time and again or how our lives might feel meaningless and empty. It’s a longer term approach that seeks to build inner resilience and self-knowledge for the immense complexities that make up our lives. There is no prescribed limit on how many sessions you attend or how often you come. For many people weekly sessions are good but for others twice weekly is better. This is something we can discuss in our initial session.

Why seek Psychotherapy?

It might be that there comes points in our lives when everything we hold dear, believe in, love seems no longer to be there for us or make sense. All meaning is stripped away. For others, coping strategies that have worked such as throwing themselves in to work, self-medicating with  alcohol or drugs, OCD,  or self harm for example, are no longer helping to avoid intense emotional pain.

21st Century ‘hyper-connected, superfast’ digital life puts pressure on us as we are expected through social media such as Facebook, Twitter etc. to bare our souls to all without the time to really think things through. We have never been so connected by the push of a button to so many ‘friends’ yet for many nor have we ever been so alone. Here in West Cornwall we live in a beautiful but very isolated rural area. The expectation that we must be ‘living the dream’ can become a pressure that makes little sense if your life is not ‘a beach’ and you are broadsided by deep emotional turmoil.

My training is psychoanalytical which, put simply, means that through allowing yourself the time and space to unfold, we can try to make connections with the difficulties you are experiencing now and possible patterns from the past. It can be a tough and unsettling process but a deeper understanding of how and why we behave the way we do equips us better to cope with the uncertainty of life.  It can help us to move on from feeling ‘stuck’ in a cycle of repetition and regain meaning in our lives.

About me:

I have spent many years working in a broad range of settings both as a social worker and as an advocate: from the streets of central London with rough sleepers to helping patients have a voice on acute inpatient units here in Cornwall. People  often struggling and in crisis, experiencing difficulties with their emotional wellbeing, homelessness, addiction, extreme hardship or social isolation. People who feel they don’t ‘fit’, feel excluded or unable to take part and find themselves on the outside of supposedly ‘normal’ life. Whatever the setting, making real and thoughtful connections with people has always mattered.

It was a natural progression to gather these different elements of my life, combined with a deep interest in creativity and the environment , and embark on a training that strives to bring these principles together. The result, I hope, is a compassionate, creative and grounded psychotherapy rooted in everyday life and all its 21st Century complexity. I am affiliated to and training with The Site for Contemporary Psychoanalysis which is registered with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapists (UKCP).


I do not charge for assessment, as this is an opportunity to see if we can work with one another. If we proceed, thereafter, I charge £40 a session which lasts 50 minutes.  I see individuals on low income who are referred via The Site for Contemporary Psychoanalysis Low Cost Clinic.


I am based at Clarence House in Penzance.

If you would like to find out more about psychotherapy and how it might be able to help you please feel free to email me or call me on 07983 259440






Jennifer Day

Psychoanalytic Therapist training with the Site for Contemporary Psychoanalysis.

I joined the Site for Contemporary Psychoanalysis as a trainee in January 2014.

I qualified as a doctor from Leeds Medical School in 1994.  I have worked in psychiatry in the NHS for the past 20 years and gradually developed my interest in psychoanalytic psychotherapy.  I continue to work in the NHS part time.

Separate from this, in my capacity as a trainee analyst, I offer private psychoanalytic therapy at Clarence House.  Come and talk to me in a confidential, non judgmental space and explore whatever is on your mind.  Sessions are for 50 minutes once or twice a week and I currently charge £40 a session.  The first consultation is free. Email me, text, or phone 07419 210072


Stephanie Monk

From time to time everyone experiences stress, sadness, anger, relational conflict and grief which we often suffer alone. Accepting help from others can be difficult but maybe you feel you’ve been toughing it out for too long.

Whether you are struggling with an identifiable trauma or you’ve reached a point where recurring feelings are becoming unmanageable; a course of psychotherapeutic counselling will help you make sense of what is happening and enable you to gain and maintain some stability.

Feelings of fear, anger, rejection and lack of confidence are difficult areas and discussing them with friends and family might not be possible, it may feel that you are not being properly heard or understood. Many of my clients mention the huge relief they feel when above to talk freely through difficult thoughts and feelings.

Through active listening and reflection I encourage my clients to discover their own path to self compassion and emotional wellness. Self discovered learning can have significant influence in altering old thought processes and behaviours that are not longer serving us well.

I am an integrative therapist drawing from a number of psychotherapy disciplines, the sessions will be client led and tailor-made for each individual. We will work at your own pace in a safe, confidential and nonjudgmental space where the aim will be to reconnect with yourself and others. We will learn to unlock what you want from your life to give you the courage to change things in order to become your true creative self.

I work with teenagers and adults. Please feel free to call on 0777 3259117 or email me to discuss what you would like to achieve.

Michelle Rose

About Me and the Work

I am a Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist offering both Psychotherapy and Counselling. This means that I am able to offer a long term, open ended, explorative working model, or a more short term, focused based approach; depending on your symptoms or presenting issues.  This can be defined at the beginning in the initial consultation or we can leave it open and see where the work takes us.

I offer a safe, compassionate, nonjudgmental, non-discriminatory space to be able to explore any difficulties you may be experiencing.  Whether it’s about depression, a physical illness, an eating disorder, anxiety, relationship issues, a bereavement, a trauma, sexual dysfunction, an addiction of any kind or a diagnosis such as schizophrenia, border line personality disorder or bi-polar disorder for example, we can explore the thoughts and feelings in connection with the difficulties you’re faced with.  Feeling listened to, validated and understood quite often brings some immediate relief

Each session is 50 minutes long.

My fees

The initial consultation is free as we use the time to talk about the challenges you’re facing and can then decide if we both would like to work together. After that, my standard rate is £40 a session.  I also work in connection with the Site for Contemporary Psychoanalysis and accept referrals through their low cost scheme.

Next step

Should you wish to make an appointment for a consultation you can email me at or please call me on 07702 055381. My website is here.



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Simeon Tyrell

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) encourages you to think about yourself, your world, the people in it and how they impact on how you think and feel. Sessions offer practical help in identifying what can and can’t be changed.

Using Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for over 15 years in both private practice and the NHS, I aim to provide a safe, non judgemental space to explore and deconstruct your problems. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) encourages you to think about yourself, your world, the people in it and how they impact on how you think and feel. Sessions offer practical help in identifying what can and cant be changed. You will explore patterns of unhelpful thinking and behaviours and identify how they impact on the roots of how you feel.

 Overwhelming problems are broken down into manageable sized parts. You decide what you want to work with, to set your own goals and work at your own pace. It is certainly not a quick fix and will involve work between sessions. Sessions are for an hour, weekly or fortnightly, and you will be encouraged to set the number of sessions on the first appointment. CBT will help you develop new strategies and coping skills. It is a structured approach that is mainly focused on how you struggle at the moment, in the hear and now. It is not just talking. The end goal is for you to be your own therapist. Please email me or phone 07837 827540.

Rich Emerson

A broad range of traumatic experiences, both personal and professional, have enabled me to support numerous individuals in their recovery from many forms of emotional distress. To this end, I have set up ‘Waterman Retreat’, a holistic therapy practice where through practical and emotional support and advice I am able to assist clients in moving forward from generalized anxiety, depression, addictions and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

As a veteran of the armed forces I have a particular interest in military trauma and veteran mental health with extensive experience both here and in California.

Dedicated to providing the highest standard of care for my clients through psychotherapeutic intervention and hypnotherapy I aim to ensure fast effective solution based help for individuals to enjoy a full and satisfying life.

I always consider the ‘whole picture’ looking at both physical and emotional symptoms and the practical difficulties that mental distress can cause. By combining up-to-date scientific knowledge with common sense and  understanding I strive to make changes swiftly.

Hypnotherapy Training Institute of Great Britain 

Therapeutic transformation, Clinical hypnotherapy

American Board of NLP 

NLP and Hypnotherapy (Quantum Performance)

Trauma Risk Management (RAF)

Ongoing training

Human Givens Institute – HG P Dip  Psychotherapy.

I am based at Clarence House in Penzance.

First initial consultation is free, then I charge £35 per session and am willing to work at reduced rates for specific groups.

Contact –  Tel:  07538 647488  or   email me:







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