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Shelagh Cleary
BA (Hons), LSSH, Rhom, MARH
Registered Homeopath

I graduated in 2000 with a Diploma in Classical Homeopathy and also hold a Postgraduate Diploma in Homeopathy. I am a member of The Alliance of Registered Homeopaths; a body representing fully qualified homeopaths and as a registered member I practise according to their Code of Ethics.

Homeopathy – A Natural Choice for Everyone

Homeopathy is a healthcare choice used by millions of people across the world. It can offer help and support with a wide range of physical,mental and emotional problems. Homeopathic medicines are typically sourced from naturally occurring substances. They can be safely used by all age groups and alongside prescribed medications. Homeopathy is a highly individualised system of medicine. This means that a prescription is tailor made to each person and how they experience their particular symptoms. Homeopathy views each of us as unique and considers symptoms, not in isolation ,but in relation to the whole person.

An initial consultation is an in-depth session in order to build up a clear picture of you, your past medical history and your particular symptoms and how they affect you. Further sessions are usually scheduled at 4 – 6 week intervals. The number of further sessions will vary from person to person and depend on the nature and duration of your complaint.


For further information contact me on  Mobile:  07526 706184


Adults – 1st session 90 minutes: £58

            – Further sessions 45 minutes: £38

Children – 1st session 60 minutess: £40

                – Further sessions 30 minutes: £30






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